Monday, February 23, 2009

THE WALK through the leArnings..

When you live in a place for over two n a half yrs you are expected to learn something. As in its very obvious. Right !!! The perfect fusion of learning those tiny little scribbling in our highly rated ‘good to look, but sleepy to read’ books and the ‘more than many’ extranaceously extra activities..the art of living with people and painting those beautiful memories outta it..the meticulousness of understanding the importance of ‘decimals’ in life..the principles of taking responsibilities and working tirelessly under the shadow..the analysis of making science ‘stand’ strongly..the greatness of uniqueness or the uniqueness of greatness…or to say the least the urgency of being ‘tall’…

But what have I learnt??? GHANTA…ha ha !!! (no not literally..)

the endurance to gain that power to soar into the sky and hang from the ring..the pleasantness of deception….the grandeur of celebrations…the twinge in strumming the asked cord..the asperity of bearing the melting ice cream…the simplicity in overcoming the perplexity while striking a pose…the insanity in being the dark ‘night’…the taste in ‘almost’ cooking…the acute sting in the dearth of days… the ‘sweetness’ of ‘sleepless’ nights..the excitement of talking to an ‘unknown’ best friend..or to say the least the requisitions of a ‘fall’…

have I wasted it ??? NO, i guess I’ve learnt to live it !!!

PS- 1st ;)


  1. Always gud to be the first!!
    Nice start.... keep going

  2. There is one thing very characteristic - U hav actually described the fun in the smallest of things which happen to us daily......wch we might crave for wen we leave dis place........loved d visual description of the icecream, u add more than just taste to it...:P
    And for you and ur unknowns all i can say is have a nice day with them

  3. Nice writing..try to make it more simple!! :P
    Nd where did padhai go in all this!! :x