Wednesday, May 13, 2009



I looked around with searchin eyes,
Coz the dark speaks so many lies.
But blind hope i had in my heart,
And this huge essay was my only part.
So i moved along that edge, so fine,
For i knew someday i'll see the shine.

A faint clue was all i desired,
Coz that hope inside was getting xpired.
But the tough times dont cease off straight,
N fight it out, you have to, with fate.
So i let the world go black,
For then, I believe, the Heart speaks for the rest of the pack.

Lesser known is the fact,
The more u try, "harder" is the "impact".
But its like the falling leaves of autumn,
And that anguished surge to touch the bottom.
So then I finally loosen the noose,
For only then, i kno Its magic shall guide me thru the dark hues..

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