Sunday, June 14, 2009

A JOLY RIDE !! "Wish WE had Shoe-Throwers too..."

HOLS are borin..hell yea !! n that too specially when u've been livin in a hostel for virtually d 'best' part of ur lifetime...
newys wid nothin much to do n wid nothin so 'extravagently outrageous' happenin in my life, i've fallen for the ever so absorbing n enchanting world of 'the newspaper' ...
... so my next coupla posts r obv gonna be bout some articles-some serious issues n some hilarious ones- trust me, n m not paid for this advertisement ;) , but TOI gives u d 'all in one' feel, like none other ...
... so for all those hu havnt read this particular goes-

Now this is wot happens when some 'action expecting' journos come to r vivacious country :) ...n that too durin the thick of 'action'- the elections-

It(TOI) says-
India is like a complicated novel, the moment u are to start a fresh chapter, you've to go bcak to the previous one, just to figure out the complexities you're bout to face in the passages to come. this probably is the best observation made by a team of BBC journos from across the world ['probably' is that d rt word ?? :P ]. capturing the smells,sights and pulse of this diverse land,they recount tales that are at time pleasant, at times are exasperating [n at times sweaty n smelly :P]
Election Drama:
When 2 diff teams of senior journos attended 2 diff election rallies..there was just one thing common-both were witness to shoe throwin incidents on the same day-while one saw a shoe flyin past Manmohan Singh, the other saw a slipper missin L K Advani by inches [damn!! tho no surprise there,we never had a 'darts' champ from India] . Says an assignment editor, BBC World News, "we are waitin to see if the trend of shoe-throwin will become the next big thing in the UK,after Indian curries,dresses and bindis" [ha ha ha..that'd be 'some' edition to the list of things India has given to the UK, another 'gem' in their throne :D] .Even the badlands of Chapra cudnt deter the spirits of this team,with d Somalian BBC head keepin the atmosphere cheerful as in his words "Hey! This looks so peaceful compared to the streets of my country." Then there was this Chinese hu was shocked to find a Hindu Marxist. "but wasnt Marxism supposed to be the religion of a Marxist?" [my dear chinki,everythin's fair in love,war n INDIA :P]

In LALU Land
I saw a dream last night in which i marry a white girl...and today u appear at my doorstep. Will u marry me, my dear?" asked a 'very serious' Lalu Yadav to a totally stumped senior procuder of BBC Radio. "But then, Lalu's known to be a man of wit," says the blond n pretty lady, who was relieved to hear his next salvo,"I can marry u,but what will happen to Rabri Devi!" [probably the followin :P]
Another shocker was when the whole grp was greeted by a woman,wid her head covered,who "silently went bout takin care of the guests wid tea and biscuits". n it was none other than the 'devi' herself.... !!!!!

It's Jolly Bad
Joanna Jolly [the (un/)lucky damsel hu xperienced the above 'episode'] has a surname that is the same a popular north Indian surname (jolly) [rem r popular Jolly pajji of PCA ?? ;) ]. In all the places that the grp visited, she was often teased wid the signboards that read 'Jolly Contructions' [reminds me of 'Happy Singh' of 'Munna Bhai-2' :D], 'Jolly Sweets", etc but the best was clearly a small ice-cream cart in Allahabad that read-Jolly Ice-cream, wid a tagline,"Ice-Cream that gives u bounce wid every ounce and will make u pounce!" [now there's one very literate Ice-Cream wala :P, hu says India isnt progressin :D]

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