Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Dream !!

3 guys handsomely walking – wid huge guns in each hand. And I could recognize them clearly – I kaul, Pam and Lubana (was watching some sci fi flick on HBO last night). Their shirts were fluttering with the breeze. They walked up to a warehouse and stealthily entered dropping grenades in room they crossed and suddenly the monsters started firing. And the 3 got involved in an ugly battle of the guns. Back to back they moved firing with no mercy.
The awkward silence, which I could sense, creped me out. Living alone in a house with huge trees all around can give you the shivers at times. I’m sure I felt something move in the living room. And while I was wondering if I had locked the main door or not, my heart beat shot up - I never heard my room’s door being opened - n before I cud realize - my lips were dry – my mouth was dry - it felt as if a death eater was feeding on my soul – My eyes were wide open and my arms dropped to the sides. I could feel the AC but I couldn’t even c the ceiling - felt like I was being lifted off my bed, I couldn’t turn. It was horrifying. I’m sure I saw a grey floating shape - a distorted n fuzzy kinda face - enter in me, n even as I wanted to say ‘fuck off’ n make my mind stronger for it could be only a dream, n resist that thing which was happening to me, no words came out – all that came out was a faint squeal for help….. I felt helpless as my body went into a turmoil n started shivering n sweating profusely - it was cold, I was colder.
And the phone rang. It was 2:’23’ AM !!!!

PS-Plz feed my turtles :P

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