Saturday, May 1, 2010

'HOLD ONN'!!! Pilani to Delhi and Back !!!

For the numerous, uncountable trips between Pilani and Delhi the majority have concocted a different taste to the word travelling. Some sweet and some astringent. Be it the condition of the bus, the pace (either, obv), the people and the ‘alacrity’ or be it the time of the day. Probably most of us haven’t even had half of it all. And I can’t stop myself from sharing, for I’ve heard a lot of people whine about the dearth of travelling options.
So to begin with –
- There’s this very ‘timid’, although undoubtedly, comfortable journey when you hire a cab and pay the humongous bills.
- Then there’s the bus. Horrible, sweaty, over crowded with village people who carry a truck full of luggage with them, and disgusting things happen every other minute.
- But!! I won’t say the same for the bus which runs at 1 am. For that can be one of the most comfortable rides. The bus has been, since eternity, so heavy packed that there is no space even for an ant to squeeze in. Hence a lil talk with the ‘guy with the tickets’ and you can earn yourself a ‘cushion’ on the top. Yes, the roof. Right under the starry night. But lay low if you don’t want a ‘final destination’ thing happening to you!!!
- The cheapest ride to delhi (worth 15 bucks) but you gotta carry all you good fortune with you, for if its not there, you can land in a muck: buy a ticket to loharu, and go take a seat right opposite to the conductor in the parallel row. And SLEEP!!
- This one, I experienced very recently. And I loved it too. Take a taxi to Loharu (cost varies but max 300) at around 2 pm. Get off at the railway station. Buy the gen class tickets worth 50 bucks. Go sit in the AC class (its always ‘open for occupation’). And when the TTE comes, give his attendant 100-125 bucks per head and relish your trip to delhi. The most relaxed and paced journey.

Some options for the return trip:
- Miss the 4:30 bus and somehow reach to Rohtak. From there take a bus to Bhiwani. Cool till here. It’ll be around 8 by the time you reach Bhiwani and even by then it looks haunted enough to test your ‘Goosebumps quotient’. Not many ‘normal’ people (which obv doesn’t include the partially drunk as well) in the vicinity and you can’t take the risk of going to Pilani by the normal taxi (jeep). You will have to book a taxi just for yourself (if you wanna wake up in Pilani the next morning). Shell out some 600-800 bucks. Sit right next to the driver. Come to Loharu where probably he’ll split the money and ask a local driver to take you to Pilani. A rickety Omni, that runs at 100kmph, in which you can feel all the nuts and bolts and other mechanical objects at work. NOT SUGGESTED!!!
- Well another possible means (which probably is known only to a couple of guys) is to call up on 09983123 and, if the planets were showing propitious omens that day, you might just win yourself a jackpot. A ride in an AC taxi to Pilani and that too probably for just 100 bucks each(if you are a group of 4-5 guys).
And well I’m cutting out the obvious modes.


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