Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Stalker (in me ??) ....

" NO, MAN u got not balls to do that..haaa"
n he said, ,"dude m not called 'the hindi for balls' for no reason !! i shall do it, and u shall witness it live"
n boy !! i knew it inside that i was in for a treat [:D] . n well pushing him in for the deed was the sole reason for my existence now!! And how? Yes, by questioning his 'manhood' {it always works u kno}[:P]
They were the last days on my PS-II in Delhi, when this friend of mine was 'encouraged' {by none other than me} to go and talk to another trainee, i should say 'lil trainee' {as we called her 'tingi si'}
and thus began his quest of gathering courage.
the day finally arrived when he 'thought' he had it in !! so at around 4 in the even, when he saw her leave off, we hurriedly packed up n followed {my 1st stalking experience}. n his itch was so high, that for a day he forgot his luxury in his fricking gaddi, n stood there at the bus stop, waiting for 'her' to 'glide' {as he would say} into a bus. which she did. n, hastily, we did too. and that too without gettin into her 'tiny' eyes. so we sat a coupla rows behind her,talking in whispers,but yeah having a lotta fun. the bus took a left from 'ashram' {a place in delhi and mind you this has relevance in the story to follow}. she dropped off at the 'lajpat nagar' stop. and boy !! was he glad. "yaar this place is quite expensive,she must be rich dude" [ha ha].

so, my friend didnt turn up d next day {i guess he dreamt about her for a long enuf time}
well after a lite day in office i left for the bus stop {i stayed in noida during those days n yes it has relevance too} as soon as it was 5, obv expecting nothing extraordinary. n well the 'tingi si' girl had already left. so i walked to my stop n was stunned to see her there,waiting {obv not for me if u thought so[:P]}. n a bus came to a screeching halt {u know the delhi blue lines} n i climb in only to be stunned for the 2nd time in 2 mins, she was sitting in the row in front of me. my second exp of stalking {only this time it was coincidental}. but this time i was alone,without the company of the 'real stalker'. but newys all i had to do was hide my face till the bus reached 'ashram'{coz her stop was to the left of it while mine to the right}. no big deal, i thought. i laid low. face hidden. {so was she, hidden behind a man[:P]}. i got up, as soon as the bus took a right from 'ashram' n saw her seat taken by someone else. i was glad.
BUT as soon as i reached the door, i saw her standing,ready to get off, {but hidden by a tall man} n so did she. we stared at each other.she in a panicky look {she looked really small in that look [:P]} and i in bewilderment.
WHAT THE HELL !! she....!!! didnt she......!!!!............
'I' was hence given the title of a 'stalker' by those eyes.
N WELL what happened as we got down... was waayyyyy tooo hilarious [:D]. with her tiny lil feet, n her 'mammoth' {for her size} handbag, she literally ran away taking suspicious n alarmed looks at me every other second. [:D]
And what was i doing....holding my stomach and laughing as i do after hearing a barney stinson's cracker [:D]

well in the end, who was stalking whom...i got no clue !!!
{oh, btw she din turn up the entire next week}[:P]

PS-it is a story INSPirED from a true offense intended :P

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  1. bc...i had no interest in tht girl, it was all for the sake of fun