Monday, March 1, 2010


It seems just like any other waiting auto outside the ANC circle but there’s a very sly, hideous and an opportunist mind that steers it to PD. A monstrous psyche. An informer n wot not. A real threat to the ‘bitsian’ ‘fun’ !! He starts off with a smiling face n ends it with a sneer.

This wot exactly happened wid a grp of guys hu recently went to PD for some fun n food, hardly knowing wot was in the making. Started wid the deal of a 120 bucks n when it was time to pay demanded a 50 more..For keeping the ‘secret’ !! N when his terms were not accepted, he took the matter to the authorities.. for he had the upper hand, n he KNEW it !!

Those guys will be facing a disciplinary committee hearing, for misconduct, pretty soon..

This was just the gist [details not possible] of what happened. The actual incident involved a lot more of harassment and foul language and threats!!

So guys better make ur choice before, than repent later !!!

We may be adults, but ‘here’ we dun have the right to do things for our ‘taste’!!

All The Best !!

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